Our vision is to provide a welcoming and inviting centre for children, young people and their families to enjoy storytelling through opportunities for reading, the provision of baby and toddler sessions, reading and writing activities, crafts and imaginative play. We will provide opportunities to share books and creatively explore characters, settings and plots using a range of activities and resources. We aim to inspire a lifelong love of reading through shared experiences and to facilitate the benefits reading can have in early childhood development including broadening vocabulary, building imagination and encouraging mindfulness. 

Based in the East Neuk, there will also be opportunities to celebrate and share stories from the history of the area and include tales from this wonderful part of the world and the people who have lived here. 

To find out more about our activities and events follow the links at the bottom of this page to find our social media pages. If you have a shared interest in our vision and would like to offer your skills and expertise in whatever way, please get in touch!